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Vastu Vimarsh

Vastushastra can be considered architectural Science. Vastushastra describes the method and process of all kind of constructions (like construction of a house etc).Vastu is the science of architecture which combines all the basic five elements (Earth, Water, Light, Wind and Space) of nature and balances them with the human and the material. It helps in health, wealth, happiness and harmony of the people, who follow the vastu perfect house.Also know from expert how you can do puja like Vastubadhavimochan,Vashtupujan,VashtuShanti etc

Hasth Rekha Palmistry (Hasth Rekha Shastra) describes different lines in your hand like healthline,headline,fateline,lifeline.With the help of hasth rekha consultancy you can know about upcoming important farmaciaesp 247 com incident of your life.Know on the basis of palmistry which Stone,Puja or Home peace Grah Shanti is best for you.

Ratna Paramarsh

Ratna Paramarsh (Gem Therapy), Ratna or Gem is beneficial to certain aspect.Based on your Kundali Phaladesh Take an expert advice to know which Gemstone (Ratna),Substitute Gem(Upratna),Vegitable(Vanaspati),Root(jad),Original (Mul) is best for you.